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Monday Box – Healthy French snacks

The adventure of Monday box began with a significant common passion of Thibault and Nico, which is HEALTHYFOOD and WELL-BEING through healthy eating. They have been immersed in sport for a very long time, Nico loves crosstraining and cardio, and Thibault specialized in racket sports such as tennis.

Nowadays, more and more people are searching for Healthy Food. The increasing awareness to consume nutritious food, was the right opportunity for Monday box to get started and support others in this change.

They imagined the name of Monday box to evoke the box of the difficult beginning of the week. Monday is a race day for everyone, jobs, schools, preparing meals, and of course SNACKS in between! We are all familiar with afternoon craving, which makes us feel really tired and less concentrated at work or in class.

Monday box offers a solution, with natural products, from Lyon, France and homemade producers. Their ambition is to allow others to eat healthier between meals, without depriving themselves or feeling guilty and to enjoy premium French products.

Stay tuned for our Health in a box, where you can find Monday box’s energy balls.


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