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There’s no better feeling than opening a box that encourages you to interact and connect with your family, co workers, friends, yourself or even your pet.


We believe  U can linKit! 

Our curated gifts include everything you need for the new experience.    

They are filled with high quality products from a variety of brands that were carefully selected. 


Our goal is to create fun moments, new experiences and interactions through packages.

Each of our kits contains at least one product of family-owned or other small business. From the very beginning, we decided to include brands that can’t be easily found in large retailers. We were looking for a special touch, an inspiration, and added value for each item and brand. We were fascinated by their stories, and now we wish to share them with you..


We love what we do, and are so thankful for the people we have gotten to know through LinKit.

Please contact us for any need,


Idit and Orit

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