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The Chocolatier – High impact flavor

Founded by Aneesh Popat, a mathematician who was inspired by the French chemist Dr. Hervé This. Aneesh has went on to deliver handmade indulgent chocolates with a selection of the finest origin cacao in the world, using natural ingredients without any cream or butter. His revolutionary approach to chocolate making has resulted in being voted as one of the 1000 most influential Londoners, for his ‘water ganache’ which contains 40-50% less calories than standard truffles.

The Chocolatier mission is to ‘change the world one chocolate at a time’. Every chocolate expertly made and savored, makes a positive difference by contributing to the education and materials for children in India. The Chocolatier also focuses on carefully sourcing ethical cacao from plantations to support the conservation of nature and wildlife. They have made a commitment to use cacao which directly benefits the farmers and they source chocolate originating from Congo, Peru, The Dominican Republic, Java and Madagascar.

Aneesh is aiming for a full circle of experience, farming, chocolate making, eating and then cycling back to the next generation.

We are happy to be a part of that vision and will continue to enjoy together these unique flavored chocolates.


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