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WALLY and WHIZ - One winegum for the whole world

WALLY and WHIZ winegum adventure started back in 2014 with Kristian Them Hansens love for winegums. With a bag of winegums in his hand, it appeared to him that he could not taste what sort of fruit the winegums tasted like. This sparked his curiosity on whether it would be possible to make a winegum with the actual taste of fruits, based on the best possible ingredients, and furthermore without all the nasty elements normally found in a winegum.

From there, the experimentation started in the small apartment in Copenhagen, with a bottle of blackcurrant juice, a bag of starch and a bit of citrus. Months and months of testing and experimentation finally resulted in a product that satisfied his needs.

The little apartment quickly got filled up with all kinds of ingredients to develop different flavor combinations, and this is where the dream of creating an honest and true winegums started to take shape. In 2015, WALLY and WHIZ was finally ready to launch its first products to the public, and since then has not looked back.

WALLY and WHIZ can be eaten by everyone, regardless of religion or cultural preferences, they are vegan, gluten free, made from 100% natural fruits, roots and berries. Moreover, they continue to challenge the conventional tastes and are not afraid to present unconventional tastes such as turmeric, rosehips, pine shoots etc.


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